Monday, March 5, 2012

George Galloway - "Give Argentina the Falklands"

Galloway in red leotard on Celeb BB
On a BBC politcal show, This Week broadcast Thursday 1st March, Andrew Neil interviewed George Galloway about Argentina's false claim over the Falkland Islands. Galloway said that we should give the Islands up or share them with Argentina.

Galloway is not averse to making outrageous public announcements, his entire career has been one long attention seeking exercise to obtain as much exposure as possible. He has apologised to the House of Commons for saying the wrong thing and been investigated by select committees, had spats with the speaker. The list is long. He is the failed politician (he's lost elections in both London and Glasgow) remembered for trying to lift a sinking career by appearing on celebrity Big Brother in a red leotard. Take note people, he is the only politician to have appeared on it, that tells you something.  He is jumping on the Sean Penn bandwagon by ingratiating himself with the President of Argentina whom he constantly refers to as 'beautiful'. Unbeknowest to George many call her the 'Queen of Botox' in Argentina. His taste in women is as bad as his judgement.

His remarks on This Week are ridiculous and childish - he makes them, forgetting that the Falkland Islanders have the right to self-determination. If there are millions of barrels of oil beneath the Islands then by god we should not share it since the UK has been the only invester in those Islands for the past 150 years.

There's no debate. Argentina just can't claim what they never had any right to. Why George makes this claim is for the reason pointed out above - to gain friends in Argentina as he has none here.

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  1. Even a 5 year old could tell you that the UK's stance on the "Falklands" is unsustainable.