Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Six soldiers from Yorkshire & Lancashire Regiments killed in Afghanistan

It has been reported that 6 soldiers have been killed in a Warrior when it was involved in an explosion in Lashkar Gah, Afghanistan. It is 5 soldiers from the Yorkshire Regiment and one from 1st Duke of Lancasters.

It is the biggest single loss of British military pesonnel at one time in Afghanistan since a Nimrod crash killed 14 in 2006.

Please leave your messages of condolence and remembrance for the troops whom have served and been killed in service.

Heart, you were never hot
Nor large, nor full like hearts made great with shot;
And though your hand be pale,
Paler are all which trail
Your cross through flame and hail:
Weep, you may weep, for you may touch them not.

Wilfred Owen

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